I have always thought that a teachers job is to try and make their students believe in themselves enough to make themselves heard. If a student of mine can find the courage to stand up, articulate themselves and hold their own in their opinions, whatever that opinion should be, I believe that they have found a voice.

A voice of reason, logic and empathy but also a voice of analysis, insight and critique. It is after all only when we look behind the news and between the lines of reportage that we can truly understand what is really going on. At Whistling Woods, I believe that our students want to know what is going on and will look firmly and carefully at the news cycle to discover their truth and use it to express their voice.

The power of the youth is something that cannot be harnessed by mere whistles. It is when those whistles begin to echo all around that the truth emerges from the dark it is shrouded in.

With that, I welcome you all to Whistles and Echoes.

Rahul  Puri



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