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Whistles and Echoes is for the students, by the students. What started off as a passion project bloomed into a fully functioning blog managed by barely functioning people. We kept ourselves away from all bureaucracy to ensure that even our most

unpopular opinions are heard. 


Nevertheless, the Whisltes and Echoes team works tirelessly to ensure everybody’s voice is heard.


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Mihir Basrur

Editor in Chief

Opinions Section Head

I'm the Good Cop

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Kartavya Arora

Film Section Head

Surely doing what I love (maybe ironic maybe not).

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Utkarsh Bhatia

Social Media Team

I always take life with a grain of salt. Plus, a slice of lemon. And a shot of tequila.

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Janhavi Adukia

Social Media Designer

Yes I'm weird, weird is good. Normal is scary.

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Anushree Shende


Photography Section Head

I'm the Bad Cop


Arushi Sayal

Music Section Head

Of course it's happening inside my head, but why on Earth should that make it any less real?

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Abha Dharpure

Social Media Team

I used to be indecisive. Now I’m not sure.

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Vishvi Jain

Social Media Designer

Sometimes shadows add an extra element.


Jesal Chawla

Social Media Head

Website Designer

It's spinning, it's definitely spinning.

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Sayantan Som

Anime Section Head

Anime is really cool and totally not cringe - Socrates or someone.

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Ansh Pupneja

Social Media Designer

When some one says you can’t do it Do it twice and take a picture.

Kajol Maam.jpeg

Kajol Bangera

Faculty Coordinator

Hagrid in a media college. Teaching super interesting things, but in this universe, simply an adorable side character.

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