Devang Mahulkar, Harsh Poddar, Rhea Damani, Sanyam Varun, Tanmay Tandon, Utkarsh Agarwal

Poem by A.R. Ammons

Like an

eddying willow leaf

I stand

on the street

and turn:


both ways coming 

and going

around me, swirl:

probably I

am no stiller -

detached; but

gold is 


into my veins.

BEST of 2020

Various Photographers

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Abhisek Pattnaik,    Akashlina Chandra,    Ananya Dasgupta,    Anoushka Vaidya,    Anvesha Khillar,    Apoorva Dhingra,    Ayushi Kane,    Chandan Paramesh,    Devang Mahulkar,    Dipika Jeram,    Gracy Modi,    Harsha Lalwani,    Hitaarth Mehta,    Iksha Sinha,     Indirila Varma,    Jaanvi Agarwal,    Kushal Asnani,    Kanishk Pal,    Komal Mishra,    Kudrat Anand,    Lakshya Marwah,    Maitreyi Bhattacharjee,    Malavika Jayaram,    Malay Vyas,    Naishal Shah,    Parth Mistry,    Philip George,    Pratik Patwari,    Priyanka Periwal,    Rajveer Rao,    Ragini Mathur,    Reet Chhatwal,    Reuben Janet,    Rhea Damani,    Ria Karkera,    Ritika Sachdeva,    Saksham Bharti,    Sakshi Pharate,    Samya Shriti,    Sanyam Varun,    Sarah Zia,    Saumya Mhatre,    Sharang Sharma,    Shashwat Upadhyay,    Shravan Sahni,    Shrey Bhargava,    Shrusti Oswal,    Shubham Kumar,    Sonakshi Srivastava,    Surjangshu Ghosh,    Tanmay Tandon,    Utkarsha Kotian,     Yash Sachdeva,    Yashasvi Modani

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Strolling In Nature

Photographers Apoorva Dhingra, Iksha Sinha, Rhea Damani, Ria Karkera , Saumya Mhatre, Sonakshi Srivastava, Surjangshu Ghosh, and Tanmay Tandon

Words By Diva Arora


It’s so weird how we’re almost always around it, yet most of us don’t even have the time to see what it actually has to offer.

For me, being able to go on a walk among the trees, observing the changing hues of the evening sky, being able to notice a few stars when I look up, is indeed, rewarding. There’s so much more I’m yet to see, it is comforting in a way.

The warmth of an unexplored territory is, strangely, homely and all my confusions decide to take a break. The environment makes it okay for me to look back at all the moments that I continue to cherish. Certain fragrances remind me of the sad memories along the way, but these are the things that’ve become a part of ‘my story’. The clouds tell me to slow down, the rain makes me believe that with falling, come endless chances of getting back up. The trees advise me to remain still. The ocean waves remind me of the obstacles life will throw at me, just like the pandemic. But what I need to do is breathe (for now with the mask on, please).

And then I sit, thinking about how the nature’s poets that I may have ridiculed in the past for being overly romantic, were right about this feeling - the “bliss of solitude”.

A Fabulous Friday

Malavika Jayaram

Black and white look (frame within a frame) "This is an original look inspired by an idea to bring life to the monochromatic rather than enforce the stereotype of being dull and flat" 

Yellow, Green & Blue look "This look is purely experimental as I simply played with colours and blue graphic liner." 

Black look "This look was inspired by Snakes and Ladders, a photo series shot by James Deacon. To me, it depicts a raw understanding of beauty which to some could be interpreted as horror"

Blue ears look "There is a lot of toxic energy in this world. This look signifies me not having a care for it through the blue coloured ears and the overpowering tinge of red lighting. This look was inspired by the makeup artist Jezz Hill."

Akashlina Chandra

The first look was inspired by the character Emily from the musical Corpse Bride. Her character always intrigued me and I really wanted to transform myself into her for this Halloween. Also, I wanted to add a desi twist to it, hence the Indian jewelry. I had so much fun creating this look with ALL makeup products.


The second look was inspired by life and death. The black skull on the left represents death and the right colourful butterfly represents life. It’s an endless process that all living creatures are bound to be a part of. I came across this look first on @beautybymols on Instagram and immediately wanted to recreate it!

Dipika Jeram1.jpg

Parth Mistry

This look was inspired from the dc villain the joker's Chelsea smile, and since it is a Halloween season , I made it extra spooky by sewing up the prosthetic skin with a thread.