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10 Best Ad Campaigns From 2018

1. Manyaavar

A year after the original ad, Manyaavar continued the story of Virat and Anushka in a cute aftermath of what happened after their marriage. The callback of the previous ad made this ad very popular

2. Too Yumm

This hilarious ad brings its message across quite well when it uses Virat Kohli to endorse its healthier alternative to chips.

3. Coca Cola

The quintessential equation of every modern family. Parents wanting to connect with their kids on Social Media and the kids doing everything to keep them away!

4. Daily Hunt

This was aimed at breaking the stereotypes that were formed in our minds where English was looked at as something that was a premium language.

5. The Other Coca Cola

Another Coca Cola ad that deserves to be on this list. This was for all the people who were away from home during festivals. It was a beautiful ad that aimed at making everyone feel at home, no matter where they were.

6. Imperial Blue

Imperial Blue ads are creativity at its best. Each time they come up with a concept so brilliant yet so simple. This one illustrates the love a man has for his ride and what extreme he’d be willing to go for it.

7. Whatsapp

With Fake News on the rise in the country and WhatsApp being the medium for the spread of it, the company took the initiative to inform people about the consequences of spreading and forwarding messages in its ad campaigns.

8. Make My Trip

We have come to love the MMT ads. They are light, fresh and bring a smile to our face and this one is no different!


BIBA has devoted its advertising to bring about a change and this ad too touches our hearts. It talks about how gender discrimination exists even when we don’t realize that it is there.

10. Fevicol

Another brilliant ad from Fevicol! It’s hilarious as it spoofs the countless deodorant spray ads that we have seen on the TV!

BONUS: Flipkart

Flipkart has kept its style the same! Kids playing out the roles of adults. It’s creative, consistent and engaging!


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