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9 Vows to self

Dear self-worth,

I vow not to let your value decrease, just because someone else couldn’t identify your worth.

Dear smile,

I vow to paint you the widest only by the paintbrush of my internal soul and never hand it over to someone else.

Dear hidden scars,

I vow not to let you rot inside me, covered underneath my bandage of denial for you deserve to be seen, appreciated, and healed in the open air of acceptance.

Dear hope,

I vow to sow your seeds every time the land of my life turns barren due to the dead plants of my failed efforts.

Dear body,

I vow to protect you against the bullies of my mind and the world by my armour built of self-affirmations.

Dear insecurities,

I vow not to hide you inside the closet of my image consciousness and wear you like one of my favourite outfits and own you up in front of the world instead.

Dear self-love,

I vow to drench myself into your rainstorm,

Before I try offering the tiniest droplet of love to someone else.

Dear gratitude,

I vow to practice you every day to remind my self that my glass is half empty,

But it’s half full as well.

Dear self,

I vow to remind you every day that you’ll remain a moon forever, irrespective of your full, half, and empty phases.

- Devyani Chouhan


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