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By Anyuktha Nallani


Dear 25 year old me,

So you turn 25 today, hopefully as a successful fashion designer/journalist. Hopefully, you’ve got your life’s puzzle solved and are adamant towards what you believe in and don’t mess up as often as me.

Dear 25 year old me, there is a lot that you’ve gone through, a lot of hatred you have faced and are yet to face, a lot of hurdles that you’ve passed to make it through, and sure as hell, a lot more to go, many people who have left your life for good and many who have entered it with a new ray of hope. Hopefully, you have a few people from now left by your side.

Hopefully, you’re still writing and have learnt to use fancy words to express yourself much better than me.

Hopefully, you’ve met or will soon meet the few people we idolize.

Dear 25 year old me, you have been way too strong for way too long. There have been times when I wanted to give up but I want you to know that I fought, and that you made it till today because of that fight. Make the fight worth it by living by your own rules. By now, you would’ve changed into a woman and hopefully learnt to keep your room clean. Sigh. I can barely keep myself together, let alone the room.

Dear 25 year old me, I hope you never give up because I never did. I want you to write a letter to the 40 year old you and me, and tell her the same. I hope you stay strong through all the hurdles and emerge as a strong independent woman that I always aspire to be. But never feel the pressure to come through every single time, as even you’re human and you can only do so much. All I can hope for is that you stay strong in the face of failure and know that it always gets better.

Dear 25 year old me, I hope you read this and remember today. The day I wrote it, and smile to yourself and whisper I love you to the 19 year old you.


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