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About Love Review : W&E @ MAMI 2019

It is in the nooks and corners of the daily household that love is unraveled in this heartwarming documentary.

Filmmaker Archana Phadke turns the camera to her own extended family in her ancestral home and explores love and relationships through three different generations. The documentary reminded me of a scene from a Bengali film called ‘Bela Sheshe’ where the wife talks about finding love in the daily habits of a couple, this film does exactly that. The film also shows the gradual breakdown of personal identity in a marriage and uses allusions from Indian Mythology to talk about love and the namelessness of it.

The camera just follows the characters and the rawness of the film gives it a highly comical touch. There were scenes where I tore up laughing only to find my eyes well up in the next scene. The silence of death and the inevitability of it is shown with such brilliance that you feel numb but tears do not roll down your eyes.

After the first ten minutes, I stopped looking at the film from a distance as it so convincingly soaked me in that I felt like a part of the family. This brave decision of the filmmaker to put her family on screen deserves all the love and applause.


Rachit Daruka



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