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Bridge to Bollywood

Millions of people, including me, dream of being in Bollywood. I have always been in awe of the industry. Being just a small part of this long-running, vibrant film industry means a lot to me.

My personality has been shaped by Bollywood. Specifically, I've always been enamoured with characters like Anjali in Kuch Kuch Hota Hain, Naina in Kal Ho Na Ho, Mukku in Kedarnath, and the list goes on and on. I feel a strong connection to the character Geet from Jab We Met. Her carefree, upbeat attitude taught me how to be resilient. I know every Bollywood song from the early 2000s to the present. It has taught me that each song has a different story to tell, ranging from relationships to sacrifices to trials that were suffered. I have a song to sing for every mood and situation I am in. My dancing ability also has developed through jiving to "Desi Girls" and "Mahi Ve."

I was always drawn to everything that could help me get to Bollywood in my childhood. It has exposed me to a wide range of hobbies, whether it was dancing (classical and modern), singing, writing, or even photography! My life has always felt like a Bollywood film to me. I felt like the star of my own movie since every obstacle was turned into a scene and every feeling was captured on an imaginary camera.

I thought a lot about the art that goes behind the making of films. I would examine each character in detail, observing the actor's behaviour as they prepare and enact the part. I could tell that the performer had a fine way of switching from one type of emotion to another. I would imitate their skill and develop my own style. I paid attention to the melodies of the songs and analysed the depth of the lyrics. Every song's rhythm and melody had its own narrative. It taught me to appreciate the different processes that went into making music or choreographing a song.

I was nervous when I played a woman who was possessed in one of my previous school plays, but the idea of moving outside of my comfort zone made me feel better. The most important thing to me at that time was to connect with the audience, even if that meant playing any small role. Bollywood is more than just a fantasy for me; it's a collection of memories from my entire childhood! I hope one day people will watch me on the silver screen and appreciate the art after each and every release. Being on stage and giving the audience something they can take home and remember you by... seems very powerful to me.

Bollywood has also help me remain grounded in more than one way. It has taught me to the importance of consistent efforts. It has taught me to not be disappointed by failure. It has also enabled me to savour every small success. This passion has given me the determination to keep moving forward despite challenges and the courage to dream big. I have learned to take every single criticism with grace and give my all to every performance.

My acceptance to the film college of my dreams, WWI, is only the first step towards my ambition. My experiences with people have moulded me into the person I want to be. Even though I knew it wouldn't be simple, I made the decision to put my heels firmly in the sand and prepare for every obstacle with Bollywood as my ultimate goal.



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