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Covaxin Politics: How bad is the situation really ?

Sudden rise in the covid cases after the calm of 3-4 months.

The carelessness of society in following covid protocols, or less of government restrictions what were the factors that lead to the devastating rise in the amount of covid cases in a matter of 4 months, while the vaccination has been going on since 16 January 2021?!

31st December 2020 the day there were no Covid 19 cases recorded in the country, the time with no lockdown, no restriction over public places to shut, no night curfews, just told to maintain the basic precaution to keep the situation under control.

January 1 to 28 February situation still under control around an average of 13k cases in a week, with the process of vaccination for the front-line worker at its full pace. But the leniency of Government rule and regulation relaxed over the strictness for covid protocols, opening of public transport for full occupancy, even the use of mask and sanitizers dropped, even the on-duty police officers themselves neglected the use of mask as if covid doesn’t exist whereas it was seen that at that time 0.87% of the population have been vaccination partially and only 0.18% of the population was fully vaccinated, and yet the stupidity was done by government and people.

Two weeks into March average covid cases 22,000 cases to the first week of April 1,26,789 while the process of vaccination was increased to 5.6% partially vaccinated and 0.84% have been fully vaccinated, reasons are quite straight that it's our mistake taking a global pandemic easy and forgetting its existence in thin air, yeah it got its chances to strike back with the severeness of the symptoms and worse health condition.

Vaccination effects and people lacking in understanding that is an immunity booster not a cure for COVID -19

According to a presentation made to the National AEFI Committee during a meeting held on March 31.

“There have been 617 severe and serious (including deaths) adverse events following immunization (AEFI). As of March 29, a total of 180 deaths (29.2%) have been reported following vaccination across the country as said by R. Prasad, in “the Hindu”.

This shows that vaccine is not entirely safe for everyone there can be a severe reaction to the type of drug depending on the type of body, and it remains a risk factor. But why do people remain carefree after getting vaccinated? Do they don’t know what exactly a vaccine does?

COVID-19 vaccine is just the immunity booster that develops the virus causing bacteria in the body, and at the minimum of 2 weeks it takes after the first dose to create the anti-bodies, and thus later in the second dose that complete the

vaccination process and create antibodies to fight the virus in the body, this entire procedure takes the period of 1 to 1.5 months and it is said by a medical professional that a person can be infected in that period if he or she gets contaminated by the virus and till that time vaccine hasn’t started affecting the body.

Well, it’s India where politics and monopoly lie everywhere, and no one accepts their mistakes, so how can the vaccination process be left out of it. Vaccine shortages why is it happening when we are producers and exporters. While India’s massive manufacturing capacity – it produces close to 60% of the world’s vaccines – it is now managing to vaccinate more people daily than many other countries with much greater state capacity and wealth. Still, India found itself in the throes of a severe second wave and vaccine shortages around the country, the BJP-ruled Centre decided that the best way to respond to questions about its strategy was to go on a blatantly political tirade – and then claim that the other side has politicized the matter. September 2020 the last month when cases spiked in India and slowly started to reduce without any curfew or lockdown, and rather than vaccinating our people the government decides to carry out vaccine diplomacy, becoming the global vaccine supplier when other countries like the United States, had banned all exports until they were able to vaccinate their populations. But no, our country decided to do all the charity at that time. And when the country was struck devastatingly by the second wave and asked for the vaccine supplies Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan responded with

“First, there are no shortages anywhere in the country. Then he hit out at the public, saying the second wave was happening because of alack of commitment and sincerity on behalf of the people”, even though his party had been holding huge rallies and encouraging religious gatherings around the country.”

Further statements he continues to attack the other governments regarding how they are playing politics in hoarding the vaccines, in the statistics he mentioned proved that among states those have high covid spike right now Maharashtra is the one with most vaccinated front-line workers and thus failed to make a point which correctly points out Maharashtra government mistakes. States like Andhra Pradesh and Odisha – ruled by parties that are less combative with the BJP at the national level than Maharashtra’s government – had also reported shortages. But they didn’t get well attended and lectured by the minister. The answer to the entire shortage of supplies in India is, the balance between domestic vaccination effort and global vaccine supplier had been upended. And at the end of the entire deliberate discussion, it was quite evident that the government appeared vulnerable to the question of whether its vaccine export policy had failed its citizen and so for it immediately tried to make it seem as if any questions about shortages were politically motivated and not genuine. And at the end, our Honourable Prime Minister come up with this sweet statement,

“Those who want to do politics may do so, I don’t want to speak on this. We should work together to win over the pandemic.”

Forgetting he decided to export a whole load of vaccines to neighboring countries.

What is happening to curb out the recent spread of covid 19 and is it helping?

With the sudden rise in increasing cases, many states have imposed night curfews states like Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujrat, and many more. But do night curfews and weekend lockdown help to control the transmission of covid 19?

While last year when center-imposed night curfew for 12 hours, from 17th, May 2020 there was a rise in covid cases by 16 times, from 95,698 cases to 16.3lakh by end of July 2020 it didn’t seem to be so helpful stopping the spread so will it help right now?

According to some people putting a night curfew between 6-10 pm would be more beneficial to stop the spread, but people debated that it would hamper human needs.Night curfews will lead to the end of night celebrations, meetings, and parties and thus people will start crowding outside during daytime leading to more risk of spreading covid than night gathering.

Dr. harsh Vardhan said “physical distancing is an established non-pharmaceutical intervention to suppress the transmission of covid. In this context, partial lockdowns such as night curfew or weekend curfews would not have impacted the transmission of covid”.

According to me, these night curfews might just promote the spread of covid cases due to the more gathering taking place during the day, rather than if more restriction would be done over the activities that take places during the daytime would help a lot, such as keeping a check over the use of a mask by helping professionals themselves such as police, a regulatory department for surprise checks over the cafes, hotel and restaurant that they are following the covid protocols with firm strictness. And if not, strict actions should be taken towards them.

In the end, I would like to say there has been a problem in the spread of vaccination by the government in the initial period and even now, for them, their political status is much more important than this country, for them finding a mistake in oppositions rather than working together to get through the second wave as safely as they can is more important. Yes, it is their major fault that when they should have been helping their own country, they looked toward creating their image in front of the entire world by exporting the huge bunch of vaccines. But what have the citizens done on their behalf, after the steady control of covid from November 2020 till February 2021 was it necessary to break the covid protocols when the vaccination wasn’t completed, after struggling in homes for an entire year, getting a little freedom to enjoy, was it necessary to exploit the freedom. And thus, the carelessness of the society speaks for itself that amid the enjoyment of several months we are back at our place, stuck in the loop of being at home, getting terrorized with the rising cases and fear of nationwide lockdown establish its root inside us. There’s still time for us to take a step back, follow the protocols properly its high time we wake up to stop the spread, else the spread will stop us to the extent of where we get stuck in four walls for another few months.


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