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Dear Haule Haule,

I heard you for the first time as a 6-year-old when Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi first premiered on television. I distinctly remember thinking to myself that this is it. This is love. This is what it feels like. Then I grew up, forgot about this gem and quite honestly the feeling too. Up until I heard you again recently.

The very beauty of the lyrics is their simplicity. Not in its structure but in its meaning. Every emotion felt by that 6-year-old flooded back and you made me realise that nothing has really changed in my perception of love, a concept I was lost figuring out for a while. “Tu sabra to kar mere yaar Zara saans to le dildaar Chal phikr nu goli maar yaar Hai din zindadi de char” Love is simple Love can't be forced And if it’s meant to be, it will be “Rab de sahare chal de Nahe kinare chal de Doori hai na kahare chal de Kya kehke gaya tha shaayar woh siyaana Aag ka dariyan doob ke jaana” Love is belief Love is devotion And it's worth the pain As a hopeless romantic I can only be grateful that you exist.

Take this as a small thank you note from all the hopeful hearts out there. A reinstated believer, Adhwiti



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