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Elliot's Song

“Elliot’s song”, from Euphoria has the potential to connect to every teenager. It leans towards so many factors that may include heartbreak, loneliness, separation, abandoning friendships or any kind of relationship. However, the song emits so many emotions that can make you feel alive but also left out at the same time.

Personally, this song brings back so many thoughts and emotions pertaining to making new relationships and losing a few because what is life without moving on? It’s all about making new memories and sometimes just overcoming old ones which might have scarred you. It is about looking forward and accepting the fact that this too shall pass.

The lines: “I watch you fade. Keeping the lights on in this forsaken place” especially strike a chord. It is an ode to all people who are figuring out themselves and are unable to do so in process of helping others, ruining them. The human tendency to expect things far from reality looking for a chance to escape is a gamble with themselves which they know they will lose.

The chorus: “I gave it all so you could shine again

I hope it was worth it in the end” …. focuses on the act of letting people go for their own good. It may seem as though the person is gone; it is necessary to confront your true emotions or acknowledge their mere existence at the least. Vulnerability is a steppingstone towards healing. Opening to yourself or anyone who can help is a possibility in achieving mental peace in any emotionally draining situation, (but I consider self-discovery and healing a very intimate process).

From my perspective, the song is a story about two loners who boarded a sinking ship despite being aware of its repercussions and consequences. One of them foresaw the upcoming huddle in their predestined-to-fail relationship and decide to jump ship. Nobly, he does not do so before letting his fallen partner know that she has to let him go and that it is going to be tough, but she must…

Every lyric of this song has a deep meaning. The depth might be subjective; however, it does resonate with the public in some way or the other. Hence, the interpretation might differ from person to person depending on their battles and interpersonal relationships.


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