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Fan Appreciation: The Consultant

If you want to laugh at the person who has just scared you, then you should blindly add ‘The Consultant’ to your watch list. Christoph Waltz is back with his ‘Christoph Waltz’-ness in this unique 8- Episode series prepared meticulously with the spices of Dark Humour, Horror, Gore, and Mystery garnished with just a hint of Romance.

In the series, we follow Elaine, an employee at Compare, a video game production company, as she unravels the truths about a mysteriously weird consultant who abruptly replaces her boss. Of course, that’s Christoph. For the ones who are fans of King Schultz in Django Unchained and Hans Landa in Inglorious Bastards, would definitely like his Regus Patoff in this series. Now, his weirdness doesn’t stop at his difficult-to-pronounce names. You will get a chance to watch him gobble junk food, get addicted to the dumbest mobile games, struggle to climb stairs, and fire employees for the silliest reasons.

With all the start-up craze Shark Tank has induced in us Indians, The Consultant, apart from creeping you out, will also teach you the art of taking a business to great heights even if you don’t know what the business is about. It’s a perfect watch for people who believe in the 'American Dream'. I don’t, so just imagine the impact it had on me.

The series is adapted from a novel of the same name by Bentley Little. Each and every book by Little seems to fall into the same ‘Christoph’ genre. Now, I am not at all recommending that you all go read the book first. Bookworms, control this harmful urge because it will (with no offense to Little) utterly ruin the fun that Mr. Waltz has to offer. He will hook you in the very first minute of the pilot episode, as he knows that you will switch to watching Instagram Reels. Because of this very reason, the showrunners have smartly made each episode no longer than 30 minutes.

Just to give an honest review for those who are seriously thinking about whether to watch the series or not, (even though I am a feminist) don’t expect anything from the protagonist because she is just weirdly hateable; I’d say don’t even care for her life; just watch it for Christoph and Christoph only. Even the showrunners urge you to do this because the great name ‘Christoph Waltz’ even precedes the series title in the poster.

Now, trust me enough to have blind faith in me when I say that ‘The Consultant’, which could potentially give you eerie nightmares, will be worth watching. So for those who haven’t watched it, put aside whatever you are doing at this very moment for the next 4 hours, and watch it diligently! And those who already have must mandatorily watch it again!

P.S. My use of authoritative language was intentional, as I wanted to just give you a taste of what The Consultant would sound like if he were to write this.

- Megh Furia


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