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Or so we thought.

This week has proven to be a true delight for DC fans across the globe. Who knew that a shared universe on television would outdo an entire cinematic budget (DCEU, I'm looking at you)


(There will be spoilers)

Crisis on Infinite Earths is a shared crossover event involving multiple DCTV shows, with the likes of Arrow, The Flash, Batwoman, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. They have also managed to incorporate shows, which were not considered to be a part of the CW's shared universe. Properties like the original 1990's Flash show, Black Lightning, Smallville (!!!), Birds of Prey, Titans, Lucifer and even characters from Superman Returns & Tim Burton's Batman!

The list goes on, as they have successfully achieved to pull off such a massive feat, the grandest storyline in DC Comics history into a 5 part crossover.

I won't get into much of the plot since y'all already been familiarised with it by now.

But here's a list of my favourite aspects of Part One of these catastrophic episodes!


A 'kickoff' usually refers to a setup for upcoming episodes. This episode, however, took us on a rollercoaster of emotions in every scene with the most shocking endings I've ever witnessed. It starts off with pure fan service, wherein The Monitor narrates the concept of the multiverse in the most comic-book way possible! Following this, we see earth's across the multiverse be obliterated with cameos from Robert Wuhl and Burt Ward from the Tim Burton Batman Film and the first iteration of Robin and Batman.


Holy Guacamole Batman!

We also see a glimpse of the Titans (I really thought it would be impossible to pull off) but they somehow managed it!

Red Skies were pertinent throughout. I like the way they took an Infinity War-like approach with these episodes wherein a there are several side quests involving a diverse group of heroes.


Since it was a Supergirl episode, the scenes revolved around their world and characters. Yet, I love the fact that Oliver Queen was the one who took over as soon as he appeared in the episode, and is at the centre of it all. After all, he was the one who laid the foundation for this universe of shows, and is a deserving leader in every aspect! It was definitely an exhilarating moment when he died in the very first episode. But I knew something was coming. I mean Tony Stark can't die in Infinity War right?

Oliver died after making a last stand on Earth-38, and managed to save a billion - yes, billion with a b - lives before finally being mortally wounded.

In part 3 it was finally revealed that he is taking on the mantle of 'The Spectre' which is a great approach. It means that he won't die, and the door is open to future appearances as one of the most powerful gods of the multiverse.


There is an especially touching moment, where Oliver presents Mia with her own iteration of the Green Arrow costume and passes the torch to her. It’s indeed a surreal moment and pays off in several instances in the final battle father and daughter fight side-by-side. Mia is receiving her own spinoff show after arrow ends and this moment sets it up perfectly.

Superman and Louis

It's always great to see this version of Superman on screen. This was the first time we dived into Lois Lane's character extensively since we didn't get to see much in last years Elseworlds crossover. I admired her in all three parts and I am really excited to see more of her. Seeing them as parents was a great treat as well since every iteration of Superman we've gotten is either too powerful and godly or too dark and thrilling (in a positive way of course). This humanised parent version plays well into Tyler Hoechlin Superman's limited arc we've witnessed. Another reason, that drew me towards this version of Louis is the very fact that she is not a supporting character as she's always been, but is a part of the main roster of heroes. She is the only one who The Monitor gets vulnerable towards and tells her about his family being destroyed. Really looking forward to their show.


I really tried watching the Batwoman show, but it honestly has bad writing and is the weakest show on the CW Roster according to me. But Ruby Rose! I was kind of glad I didn't continue watching the show as her portrayal is one of the best in this series, and not being familiar with a show adds a great mystery element to her story.


This story arc is more comic accurate than I ever expected! Harbinger is the Monitor's messenger who is manipulated by the Anti-Monitor to join forces. I could never imagine Lyla playing such an intense, central character within this universe. Yes, she was the head of Argo, yet she was always and supporting actress on Arrow who showed up only in extremely chaotic situations.


Brandon Routh is my favourite Superman actor by far. Yes Henry Cavill does it well too, but there's something about Routh that tells me he was made for this role. He looks and delivers exactly like Superman should, and his portrayal is the ideal comic book counterpart, and I wish he had more movies. The CW did an incredible job by bringing him back after 13 odd years. This version of Kal-El is based off the Kingdom Come one, who's arc matches with the events of the same comic. He looks perfect and I couldn't be happier to see him back.

And then we get the most awaited cameo since the dawn of the Arrowverse - Tom Welling as Clark Kent. I remember dedicatedly watching Smallville, waiting for Clark to become a full grown Superman. They took a different approach however and we got to see him grow up with powers rather than be a full fledged comic book hero with a suit. It was indeed a visual treat to see him back and I really wish I was aware of the same. I know they need to attract more viewers, but if his return caught me off guard i'd jump out of my bed!

The OG Flash

It's always a delight to see John Wesley Shipp back in the show in some proportion. He was the first person to don the mantle of The Flash on television and the fact that they brought him back playing the SAME exact character after 30 years is fascinating. I had already predicted (so did many) that he will be the 'Flash' who vanishes in crisis. But the scene where he sacrificed himself got me all teary. It wasn't unexpected but so we done, I had multiple emotions flowing through me.


Kevin Conroy is BATMAN. Whenever I picture Bruce Wayne speaking, the voice I associate it to is never any of the live action version. Kevin Conroy's voice has literally defined the Batman character as we know and love today. He's been voicing Bruce in almost every DC Animated Film, All the Arkham games and of course the Batman Animated Series. He's been the voice for over 30 years, and with crisis, we finally got to see him as a live action version of Bruce Wayne.

I love how unpredictable how these series of events have folded out to be. This Bruce Wayne was a murdering menace, a version of Batman, who was even more terrorising than Affleck's! He actually managed to kill the Superman of his universe while delivering the most iconic (and my favourite) lines from The Dark Knight Returns

My parents taught me a different lesson. Life only makes sense if you force it to.

The kind of goosebumps I received hearing this in his voice were unreal.

Yes, I know many of you are disheartened by the fact that they killed him off in the very episode. But come on, we all knew he wasn't sticking around, it was pure fan service, and I can't complain! I am anyway a fan of a worn down, older Batman (my favourite versions are the Batman Beyond Bruce, and Batfleck of course) as it shows how living life as the vigilante takes a heavy toll on Bruce. All it takes is one bad day to deduce the sanest man alive to lunacy! (brownie points if you get that reference)

The Music

The Arrowverse has had remarkable scores across all it's scores, and in Crisis it's even better. The theme for the same, combines the tracks of all shows and it just sounds so damn good! Every character has their own theme in this crossover and their "heroic" scenes are far more embellished with it.

Thank You Blake Neely!

There is a lot more to talk about but this list would become a me repeatedly geeking out and using the same adjectives over and over again (because its so well done)

Everybody has a job to do in "Crisis on Infinite Earths," with the superpowered working with the non-powered, the heroes rolling with The Monitor's demands while still questioning him, and nobody letting their pride get the better of them. This is a true team-up crossover, and I'm genuinely enjoying it! It's making the most of its infinite Earths while still allowing characters to feel some consequences of what has happened to them, if not quite allowing them to dwell on it. "Crisis on Infinite Earths" feels like a superhero movie, and that's something no other Arrow-verse crossover has quite accomplished.

I really can't wait for episodes 4 and 5 which come out mid Jaunuary (unfortunately) which will indeed prove to be the Endgame for DC Television!


By Shubh Desai


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