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Parx Supercar Show 2019

-Sohum Pulekar

Parx Supercar Show is known to showcase some of the most exciting cars on the planet, some of which have been seen on the Indian soil for the very first time. Back in 2015, a Ferrari LaFerrari was displayed, and this year, the mesmerizing McLaren Senna made its Indian debut.

The show was held at the MMRDA Grounds in Mumbai from 8-9 February 2019, followed by a drive around Mumbai on the 10th. The Super Car Club (SCC) teamed up with Western India Automobile Association (WIAA) to display around 400 exotic and vintage cars and bikes. The show was brilliantly organized and this could be one of the biggest gatherings of such vehicles in the country, if not the world. It had revolutionary vintage cars like the 1908 Ford Model T and 1886 Mercedes Benz Patent Motorwagen which were one of the first production cars from the companies. It also had the famous line up of vintage bikes ranging from the first Royal Enfield (1913) to India’s most unforgettable bike- Rajdoot (1981).

Apart from the classic cars and bikes (which were a lot in number), there was a showcase of supercars from all around India. There were cars, never seen before, like the Porsche GTS which represented India in Gumball 3000 (an event where supercars from every country drove from London to Tokyo).

If supercars weren’t enough, there were two hypercars on display- Ferrari LaFerrari (499 in the world) and McLaren Senna (only 500 in the world).

The event brought in celebrities like Jackie Shroff and Raveena Tandon who also had their overwhelmed fan moment-selfies with their favorite supercars. The revving of two hypercars was scheduled by the host, Gautam Singhania, who was successful in attracting hundreds of inquisitive ears towards the sound of the throttle.

Watch the cars rev in action-

So, after the auto geek audience visited the show for two consecutive days, it was time to get these monster V8s and V12s rolling on the challenging streets of Mumbai. The 2-hour drive began at 11:30 on 10th February. The cars took off from MMRDA grounds and headed to the most pleasant stretch in Mumbai, ‘Worli Sea Link’. The show wasn’t over for auto-enthusiasts as many lined up on the side of the road to catch a glimpse of their favorite supercar gliding away at speed. The most amazing scene was not just to see the supercars cope up with Indian roads but also the vintage cars and bikes that coped up with time, staying in mint running condition.

The Sunday Rally ended at Ballard Estate where everyone assembled for the last meet up before parting to their own garages. The show decisively ended after a three-day bundle of automotive delight. As an auto-enthusiast myself, this was perhaps the biggest and most wide-spread automobile event to happen in Mumbai till date.

Watch the complete vlog here-

PC: Sohum Pulekar (BBA1)


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