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It runs on a basic plot but RRR has managed to clinch a box office collection of 1100 crore. What made this 600-crore budget film win over the hearts of audiences worldwide?

First let’s discuss what exactly this film is about, where its basic plot rose and how the director envisioned the plot.

The protagonists of RRR, Ramaraju and Bheem are none other than real life Indian freedom fighters who belonged to the Telugu states of India. Ramaraju fought against the British and Bheem fought against the Nizam in the 1920s. But the film is not based on their real lives at all but rather completely fictionalized.

Now how exactly did the makers fictionalize it?

There is an interesting incident which had occurred back then in 1900’s in the both these characters lives. Ramaraju when he was a young teenage boy, he had almost zero knowledge about everything. He had left his home in the 1920’s. Nobody including the historians present know where he had gone, what he did but once he had returned back from his exile, he came as a very knowledgeable human being, he started inspiring his villagers to revolt against the British and later he was shot dead by the British in 1924.

Similarly in Bheem’s real life, too when he was young, he had almost zero knowledge about everything. He belonged to a Tribal community and therefore he didn’t even have any knowledge about basic Town life. Just like Ramaraju, he too had left his home in the 1920s for a few years. No history books have any records about what he did during this exile period but once he returned back to his home, he became a revolutionary and started rebelling against the Nizam.

So, SS Rajamouli the director of RRR cleverly thought about what would have happened if Bheem and Ramaraju had met back then in the 1920s during their exile period. How would it be if Bheem and Ramaraju became friends and enemies back then, and finally inspired each other to become what they were in their later lives. And that is how project RRR began.

Now let’s analyze the film in more detail!

One may argue that it is the compelling characters which made this film a tremendous hit. There is a beautiful theme throughout the film which has been followed: fire and water.

"Fire" is represented by an irate cop Rama Raju (played by the good-looking Ram Charan) who serves the British colonizer government. For all his loyalty, he receives nothing from them due to his skin tone. Then there is a "Water" represented by the sweet and straightforward Bheem (played by the charming NT Rama Rao Jr.). He has come to reclaim his sister “Malli” who is unjustly claimed as a servant by Lady Scott.

The story follows these simple but opposite motivations of our two protagonists. What's more, Rama Raju and Bheem become the closest of companions while they save a kid from the jaws of death.

S.S Rajamouli's RRR is a beauty to watch with the exciting bends throughout the story. There is not a boring moment in the movie which is peppered with extraordinary visual effects and moving emotional moments. The one scene that stands out for me specially is the Interval sequence of the film. The makers had shot 65 nights for the whole interval bang and on screen it’s a treat to watch. As both the friends have contradictory ideologies just like the Fire and Water in real, they collide during this sequence.

There were also some comic scenes which I liked, for example when bheem asks jenny to tell her name she says, ‘don’t call me memsahib, its just jenny’ and bheem keeps on repeating the full sentence as he thinks that is her name.

I truly enjoyed the tuning scene of Naatu Naatu. Prem Rakshith was the choreographer of that song. Prem Rakshith won more than four film fare Awards. Director SS Rajamouli is known to be a perfectionist and he shot the Hook step of Naatu Naattu for about 12 times just get the sync perfect between both the actors. They flew to Kyiv to shoot this scene. The way things were shot and were an exceptionally extreme dance to pull off yet both Ram charan and Jr. Ntr gave their best and it was cherished by the crowd.

Its fundamental plot was the early Indian individuals’ rebels against the English government. Its activity scenes and dialogues were forthright. My undisputed top choice was "Jaan se bhi pyari tumhari Dosti toh mere saath hogi, Khushi Khushi Qurbaan ho jaunga". Also, When the Britisher tells the cost of one ‘bullet’ “it was manufactured In an English factory using English metals. By the time it reached the barrel of your gun it costs one pound. In Contrast with this dialogue, Ajay Devgn says ‘’ when it comes out of your gun and pierces an Englishman’s heart Then…only then will this bullet earn its value. Also, When Alia Bhatt {Sita} gives an intro of her fiancée it goes like this” what my fiancée is doing in not just a job, Its Revolution”. Bheem makes a promise to Sita to rescue Ram and defeat the British rule. The way animals are used in the movie is remarkable. In the attack scene where Bheem comes to the palace with all the animals and takes Malli home.

That scene was one of the best scenes of this movie.

Finally comes the climax where the director used the references of Lord Ram for Ramaraju’s character which was inspiring. Many people don’t know the fact that Ramaraju and Bheem were real life freedom fighters but in their real life, they had never met each other. But in the film, they meet and get inspired by each other to become what they are in their later lives. The attire of Real freedom fighter Ramaraju was just like Lord Ram’s attire and that is the reason why he was shown in that sapphire outfit with bow and arrows. The visuals of the whole climax were top notch and the pre-climax too was next level, also known as the Shoulder fight where Bheem lifts Ramaraju on his shoulders and they revolt against the Britishers.

“LOAD AIM SHOOT” is the last scene where Bheem has the gun Ram says It. Return the bullet to the English men Let Him Keep it in his heart. “LOAD AIM SHOT” and he shoots.

Overall, RRR is a gem. A true wonder. The director SS Rajamouli who also directed the Indian Epic series Baahubali has yet again proved that language is just a barrier. With the right story and emotion, the film can travel across the globe just like what RRR is doing now. It is the only non-English film to trend on Netflix for 10 weeks consecutively. Don’t miss this Action Drama at any cost!


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