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The Realm Of Gaming and E-Sports

I breathe computer peripherals.

Gaming as a whole is considered a taboo subject in India. if you choose to begin gaming in the younger stages of your life, you are dragged away from it as it is a “bad influence”. One that promotes needless violence. Gaming in your early twenties is not much different- you're viewed as a loser with no social life whatsoever. Gamers are often portrayed to be pariahs that stay holed up in their rooms.

Nobody ever talks about the positives of gaming, well to be completely fair there are not many positives, but it is not entirely bad. One can improve their reaction time, creativity, situational thinking, and many such psychological and physical factors. On my 16th birthday, my father asked me what I would like as a gift. And there was this one game that I wanted for ages. Counter-Strike Global Offensive. A game that would become the beginning of my gaming career. A fun filled with gore, violence, and no educational benefits. Definitely, something my father to this day regrets purchasing for me. But again, it totally depends on how you perceive it. I was quickly hooked on the graphics and visuals the game had to provide.

Gaming, like any other industry, has many aspects to it. The majority of people perceive gaming with the intent of having fun and leisure. But the real adrenaline lies within the competitive side of gaming. Competitive gaming has been the backbone of the Gaming Industry. Since the beginning of the 21st century, Gaming has set off on a rise. It started off in the Europe region and then proceeded to the NA (North America) and SEA (Southeast Asia). During the initial stages, the prices used to be computer peripherals and parts. Soon it evolved into cash prizes. As the years passed by, sponsors started coming in, and soon it became the next big thing.

Growing up watching streamers and playing video games has been my constant escape from reality. Streamers like Shroud and Tenz have been great inspirations. They are the actual meaning of going from rock bottom to the top. Ninja, Shroud, Dr. Disrespect, Tenz etc. Are some of the big-time streamers. Fun fact, some of these streamers have been offered millions (and that too I mean in double digits) by platforms like Twitch, YouTube to consistently stream on their platform theirs alone.

Being the competitive person I am, my go-to games would consist of FPS games which provide the same competitiveness as life does. It is like living a second life, it is just that when you die in there, you do get re-spawned the next round, unlike the real-life *sigh*. Games like Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Valorant, League of Legends, and Overwatch are a few of the top competitive games. A full production goes into play when the big stage events and competitions are held for these games.

The crowd goes crazy when insane plays take place, and these insane plays go down in history. Some of the examples that you can google are “Olofmiester’s angel defuse” and Some of the insane comebacks that have happened in League of Legends and Valorant.

My esports journey took off during the winter of 2018. I participated in A class competition and a few S class competitions. My personal favorite will always be losing to India’s top competitive team Global Esports in CS: GO with an awfully close margin of 4 rounds.

The biggest boom for the gaming industry to this day has to be the launch of GTA: V. Grand Theft Auto is the biggest success that Rockstar studios have achieved to this day. Even though the hype of a story mode/online game dies in a couple of years, GTA: V to this day has the highest number of online players and interactions happening.

Streaming, just like the competitive aspect of gaming, has been one of the greatest contributors to the growth of the gaming industry.

During the 2 years of the pandemic, so many people converted their backyard, garage, and rooms into streaming/gaming rooms and started streaming. During the pandemic when all other businesses were going cold, the Gaming Industry was the only industry that saw a rate of growth with a great margin apart from mask-making companies.

I started streaming this year with a broken setup, but we are moving ahead with our heads held high. I stream Valorant on a 60hz monitor playing for the top leagues. The fact alone that I play for top leagues that too with a 60hz monitor breaks the odds that impossible is a factor.

Valorant has seen a great rise in players and sponsors since the release of this game. And it has clearly defeated all of its competitors within the industry. And the best part of this game is that it provides a top-notch experience even for a low-budget PC and does not charge a single penny. All you have to make sure is that your internet is stable and that you are not stealing Starbucks' internet. I play games because it is a passion of mine, an escape from reality. A place where I feel at home.

And in the end to make a living by doing what I love. I mean, isn't that the purpose of our lives?

Dying with a smile on our faces. Gaming is the new upcoming career. With technology advancing every day of our lives, Games have become an integral part of our lifestyles. 5 years down the line and you'll be seeing some of the greatest achievements earned within the gaming and E-sports Industry. The biggest win would still be the acceptance of the truth that it is how you perceive this sport. And when that day arrives, many new talents would take birth and create an empire of gamers. Till that day arrives, I shall continue tapping on my Keyboard.


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