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What After #Section377 ?

“Do what you love.” They said.

“I love men.” I replied.

“umm… not that”

“Why?” I question.

“Because you are a MAN!” they yell.

What is so unnatural about love, I mean, I, a young man walking on the streets holding hands with another young man, what is so unnatural about it that provokes it to be a criminal act.

What is so disturbing about the sight of two men holding hands affectionately walking down the street that destroys your culture. Is your so culture that fragile it can’t fathom love?

Why are they so terrified of me, if anything I make this world a better place to live in. With my fabulous dressing sense, my quirky and sassy humor, my daily grooming and my hound dog nose for gossip. (playing on the stereotypes, just like Indians like it.)

The verdict on section 377 is a small step towards the equality the community deserves, but there’s still a lot of ignorance around the LGBTQ+ community. There’s a long way to go for the masses to actually understand sexuality and the whole spectrum. To learn that one demeaning word cannot implicate the whole community.

Homophobia is so prevalent that it gets scary and the worst part about homophobia is that the people who really believe in it are so illiterate that they don’t even get my witty comebacks and my intelligent comebacks go in vain.

It is about time we start seeing the LGBT community as equals, not just because the community’s existence is legalized but because they are humans, just with different preferences.


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