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Why Comedians are the Smartest People in the World

I think you have truly conquered a fact of life if you can laugh at it and they seem to have conquered it all.

I think a majority of our choices in life are taken with the hopes of finding ourselves and recognizing who we are through our strengths and weaknesses.

With the ability to not be stuck in their own lives and to step outside of it and be able to laugh at it. Their entire job is to be themselves. All they work on all their life is letting their personality shine. They’re selling themselves and who they are. They are their own boss, own employee, own product, and their own brand.

I think if you work for something you have to believe in it as you would believe in a company's mission and vision.

It's stressful, the idea that you might just give your life to one company or spend all your time fulfilling someone else’s dream. I think however difficult it may be the only work your job requires is on yourself.

While that might be scary, it has the greatest payoff.

I agree it requires different levels of self-awareness and even vulnerability. However, the obstacles that this job entails will probably help them in the long run.

It's the only stage performance people will pay for where they are allowed to have minimal production value. People come just for them. All other kinds of stage performances require hours of rehearsals, sets, props, instruments, costumes all the shenanigans to grab people's attention. Here they walk on stage and do their thing having their audience at the edge of their seat laughing and engaged like never before.

They get all the good things that come with fame

All this work on ourselves that we try to cram into a normal day is their actual job. I think if they’ve done it right most comedians should be pretty zen.


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