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My skin shivers

every time I feel

your eyes upon my body;

an unspoken melody

of pure disgust,

for anger and lust

by breaking our trust;

waiting to pounce

on every ounce,

left for - your rowdy mouths.

I feel you.

Watching, waiting.


My senses heighten

every time I see

a woman alone at night;

I fear that we might

not see the light of day,

either be taken away

or thrown into the bay;

so we run and hide

and suppress our cries,

we just - don't want to die.

I feel us.

Waiting, moving.


My soul screams

every time I hear

justice delayed and denied;

humanity probably died

seeing demons walk free,

rejoicing every victory

of failed policies;

we want to roam around

freely and unbound,

not like the lusty men on ground.

I feel them.

Moving, watching.




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