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A RomCom You Shouldn't Miss

The very disadvantage one holds on to for watching every rom-com out there, is becoming what I call a rom-com critic, which is honestly the worst of its kind. I’ve seen it all. From Adam Sandler and his manic pixie dream girls to Imtiaz Ali’s pixie dream boys. I naturally became overtly critical of the obviousness of the plot, the leads chemistry, the second interest’s heartbreak, the macho hero, the meek on and so forth. I was almost ready to give up this genre entirely when a miracle came by. That miracle was Hasee Toh Phasee.

Vinnil Matthew's Hasee Toh Phasee is nothing short of magic. It scientifically (if possible) could have the recipe for a perfect romantic comedy. The story revolves around Nikhil our lead loverboy who meets Meeta, our eccentric lover girl in a meet-cute where she asks him to run away to Goa with her while she is escaping her home. 7 years later the story continues with Nikhil now with Meeta’s sister dabbling between dreams, himself, and his idea of love and marriage when Meeta comes back. Disowned by her family and desperate to meet her father, Meeta sticks to Nikhil who seems to be the only one who understood her. The two then fall seamlessly into a bubble of comfort, respect, love, and chaos.

Now without breaking down the plot any further, here's why I adore this movie -

  • 7 years or 7 days, it doesn't matter. You could spend 7 hours with someone and know in your gut when it's right.

  • It’s hard to break off bonds even if they don’t fit your idea of perfect. People crave stability and are naturally attracted to where they receive it mutually.

  • Family is a thread you will always have tied to your finger.

  • Everybody’s idea of normal is different.

If these themes appealed to you then I strongly suggest you give this gem a try. Do watch out for my favourite dialogues in the movie - “Tum hydrogen aur main double Oxygen, humari chemistry ekdum paani ke tarah hai” and “Socho tum idea aur main technology, humari patang kya mast udti”.

And last but not the least, the songs. The best part about the songs in this movie is that they all serve a purpose. If I was to just listen to Hasee Toh Phasee’s album without watching the film, I would still be able to decipher the emotions of the events taking place in the film.

‘Shake it like Shammi is peppy, youthful, and flirtatious. Much like our lead when he met his long-term girlfriend Karishma for the first time.

‘Ishq Bulaava’ is all about the curious nature of love. It is a melodic celebration of the parallel lines that time and love run on - how it never comes knocking or with any notice. Meeta and Nikhil go around Bombay after their car breaks down and simply breathe in each other’s presence. The presence lends to butterflies but also utmost comfort.

‘Zehnaseeb’, comes next which is the most subtle declaration of love. The word itself means lucky charm and the song is about being proud of one's choice in love. It is about acceptance, nostalgia, and realization. Meeta and Nikhil are seen on opposite ends of a phone call not wanting to end the conversation. They’re seen imagining each other everywhere. Accepting that life just feels brighter when the other is around.

Ending with ‘Manchala’, the song is about listening to one's heart. It is about feeling empty without your person. It is the song that they run to each other. So, all in all, one of the best albums ever. (*chefs kiss*)

If you do find yourself some time over the weekend, I hope you grab your popcorn and dive into this mad world full of heartwarming themes, the funniest family, the most chaotic leads, and the simplest story of love.

Have a good binge time!


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