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Music for Dancing in the Sheets

By Kaizad Kler

When it comes to music, the most frequently talked about topic is love. So today, we're commemorating that love, and taking a look at music that could be the right choice for the soundtrack to your love dungeon.

Music is used to accompany us in our daily activities to give life that extra kick. It helps create a vibe for the listeners and has countless benefits. It especially comes in handy while trying to ease the progression from flirting with your partner, to getting to know them in a biblical sense.

Also, we're not talking about individual songs here. We're actually talking about an album long mood that two can tango to.

Everyone has their own sexual preferences, just like they have their own music tastes. Generally though, you'd want music with a steady beat, some smooth vocals, and maybe some seductive synths as well. It would probably be best to avoid the genres like math-rock, gospel, the blues, folk, and soundtracks to musicals (don't disrespect mary poppins like my ex did).

On the left we have albums that carry a sort of "The Weekend" vibe. First off we have SAINt JHN (Saint John) who's known for his playful and mysterious post-trap, melody heavy collection of songs. Next, UMO's Multi-love has funk influenced experimental R&B beats, fused with frontman Ruban Nielson's elegant whisper-like vocals. Lastly, we have Assume Form. Although it's James Blake's least abstract album, it is certainly his most romantic. The trance like beats and droning melodies are accompanied by James' angelic voice. If your partner fails to make you feel anything, James' voice will.

To the right we have albums for Daft Punk fans. 'I,II,III' are a collection of 3 records by one of disco's most significant artists, Cerrone. He has released several club hits and his songs have been heavily sampled and remastered, putting him in the genre-defining category along with his contemporary Giorgio Moroder. All albums in this list are electronic with an exception of 'III by BadBadNotGood', which is a modern day jazz masterpiece with slight electronic influences. I included it here because electronic music is very often inspired by Jazz, but this album fuses jazz and electric to form a moody and experimental sound. Third, we have the electronic music iconoclast, 'Nicolas Jaar' (who for this project goes under the name 'Against All Logic'). Building on steady house rhythms and colourfully warped samples, 2017-2019 is one of the most boundary pushing dance records till date.

On the left, we have music for Pop fanatics. Starting with ELO's classic, 'Out of the Blue' - this album is the peak of dreamy 80's pop music. It's grand, beautifully produced and timelessly catchy. Next we have Psycho Tropic Berlin which is a psychedelic hard hitting french album. 'La Femme' flawlessly fuses elements of rock and pop to give birth to this distinct style of space-beach music. Lastly we have the majestic voice of Kali Uchis. Singer, songwriter, and producer, Kali, dropped her debut album in 2018 with a romantic collage of artists and sounds. 'Isolation' is pop music at its simplest and most elegant.

To the right, we have Hindi music, starting with Bombay Royale, an Australia based 11 piece band, performing blends of funk, disco and pop, inspired by the music of 60s and 70s bollywood soundtracks. Next we have the man that convinced brown kids that there is still hope in the Indian music industry. LIFAFA, with his harmonies and beautiful lyricism, has become a household name for the Indie music listeners today. Lastly, it would be a sin to forget the rich history of semi-classical music. 'The Night Song' according to me, is the most romantic sufi record, with the heart wrenching poetry and voice of the great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

For my fellow sadomasochists, we got a banging collection of lightning bolt albums that are blood pumping intense. These quick, noise-riddled rollercoasters are assured to wake up your neighbours. In a nutshell, we got all kinds of tunes for all kinds of people - pick your soundtrack wisely.


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