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New Girl in the City

When we usually think of home, we believe it would be a place where our family is. Confined within four walls, with a bed, a kitchen, and a bathroom. A place where we can live comfortably and fulfil our necessities.

Yet, that usually isn't the case. Home is a feeling of belongingness, A place where you don't need to try to fit in. As they say, home is where the heart is.

And finding a home is what's on top of my bucket list at the moment. Home could be a person, a feeling, a place, or a thing. Hell, it could even be a song lyric!

I used to think my best friend was my home. We were a perfect match, like two pieces of a puzzle. But life had other plans and now we're in two different countries, with nothing but endless oceans separating us.

I used to think home was Surat. Just something about that city made me feel so at peace. But now I'm in Mumbai, a different, strange, and new place.

Part of it probably is because of our primitive need to feel protected and safe. Part of it could be for purely selfish reasons. I wouldn't ever have to justify myself or feel the need to change who I am. I could unapologetically be myself and that would be enough. No unrealistic expectations to fulfil, no people to please.

So here I am, on a heroic quest to find a home, a place where I could belong. Who knows, maybe I'll find it soon enough. as they say, what you seek is seeking you.


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