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Paradise lost or regained?

John Milton once wrote – "Solitude sometimes is best society." Little did we know how accurate that sentence would be in today's time. It's been nearly 100 days since we were introduced to the magnamity of the pandemic, and it seems that we are still in the deep dark tunnel, with a tiny light visible at the end. These are tumultuous times, and it's but obvious to feel drained and lonely.

There are days when I want to be left alone, with thoughts as my sole companion. But it gets difficult, especially if you're at home with little to no privacy. On one such occasion, I happened to stumble into dream land. It was a world devoid of pandemics, wars, corruption, climate change, etc. A perfect paradise for all. Peace reigned on the world and I suddenly felt calm at once. Was this the paradise we were all craving for? Not utopian, but full of serendipity; not ideal, but full of hope. If so, then you could definitely count me in. The only nagging thought in my mind was a simple question – had we lost a paradise to this pandemic?

The answer to which was given by Milton, who wrote, "All is not lost, the unconquerable will". Sure, the pandemic had turned the clock backwards, and had forced people to stop their toxic routines for once. But on the brighter side, we got the gift of time. The same precious time we cribbed about for the lack of it. I for sure did. Laying on a comfortable bed, under a stable roof, with plenty of food and good company, I realised that my paradise was always with me. As for the world, their paradise hasn't been lost. The paradise we dreamed of, has been regained.

Once the pandemic ceases to exist, the world will transform into a paradise we all desired. The paradise that had been distorted to a gruesome reality will be regained. You see, mother earth is healing. Nature is regaining its lost glory. The world has slowed down. Isn't this the paradise we needed to see?

I don't know how and when this pandemic will end. I don't know if we'll go back to 'normal' again. But I do know that we will all emerge stronger than ever, just like a phoenix. We'll be gentler to each other and to ourselves. We'll learn to manage time and resources without wasting either. We'll make peace, not war. The paradise that we seemed to have lost, will be regained as soon as the pandemic ends. Until then, one needs to take care of not just themselves, but of others too. Help and heal yourself before helping or healing others (those flight safety instructions actually make sense, isn't it?). Stay healthy, stay safe. This too shall pass.



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