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There are these girls in the shade of rainbow,

Sultry au pair,

Their hair is a little too open and the drenching, dirty, wet fingers of


Oh no sir don’t get me wrong, these girls are not Madam’s hidden

desires, pleasuring themselves in the dark

These girls, they get their hands dirty playing in the clouds, your

husbands swoon over them while you mannered dogs in the garden


These girls, these little mischief, they’re beyond the pure you’re aware


They fly around in their low cut summer dress while the rest of you

walk with your fingers inside your glove.

They are neat my dear sir, their intentions are,

The cleavage that has got your ugly glance is just the innocence that

they haven’t expected your eyes lost.

You see, they’re not shut in tightly tied corsets, walking around fancy,

modest while wanting every eye in the room on themselves,

The garden hoes they play with flowers, and run behind the

butterflies, they open their eyes and hold the skies, unaware of the

bland ethics on your bookshelves,

They sprinkle their beautiful bodies with garden hoes because my

master they don’t care as long as the water flows.

These garden hoes, these garden hoes.


By Mohd. Aseer Adeeb


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