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The Kala Ghoda Experience

The Kala Ghoda Art festival can be described as one of the original, authentic art festivals out there. It has been around for over a decade now and we can never seem to get enough of it. Organized by Times of India, it qualifies as Mumbai’s best artistic representation, as one witness culturally relevant installations and stores. The event is all inclusive and has everything from modern art to the artistic representation of cinema, books and workshops.

My experience proved to be amazing.

As soon as I entered a jolt of joy travelled within me, looking at all the colours and well-crafted installations. A diverse demographic was present in abundance. Everyone out there seemed very curious and were seen questioning the artists multiple times over their installations. Every art piece had a certain cause or message behind it. There were certain installations I couldn’t comprehend until I read it’s tablet or asked the representative about it.  Each and every structure symbolized a message or supported a cause. Our very own ‘Chariot of Horses’ installation was a success, considering the number of people clicking pictures with it. It’s a great place for all photo fanatics. There were a lot of DSLR’s making the rounds throughout!


There were all sorts of cause-driven stores, mainly featuring handicrafts, books and products from individual artists. I ended up buying a lion t-shirt from a store who donate a percentage of their profits to save endangered species and discourage animal cruelty.


Later in the evening, the stage was taken over by independent artists, which was yet another blissful experience. The artists were relatively unknown, however right after their performances, I couldn’t stop googling each of them. It started with an indie musical and was followed by a book reading.

In a nutshell, this art festival has something or the other for everyone. Regardless of your liking for conventional art, you will surely find your niche out here.

The festival is on till the 10th of February, make sure you pay it a visit and talk about your experience in the comments down below!


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