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The Letterbox Series: A letter to you...

19/10/2022 Sunday

Dear (Reticent) Friend,

This is a letter to you...

(Cue "Aaj Kal Zindagi" from the film 'Wake Up Sid')

That first step into campus... It made you feel excited, anxious, giddy and nervous all at once! That one step had so many emotions running through you that it was so difficult to articulate it into one word! There were days that you wanted to take a turn right back and run home into your bed, your safe space. Then, there were days when you did not want to leave class or campus; stay a little bit longer just for that extra hour with your friends, that one extra Maggi or one extra plate of Anna’s misal pav at college! There have also been days when you wanted someone to tell you that it would be fine, things would fall into place.

This letter is from me to you saying that it will be fine.

You are going to be absolutely fine.

It has been 2 months. We all have made friendships, broken a few, and hated someone and that same person is the closest to you now. You met a few people who are your 2:00 AM buddy. But when you look back at it, you also miss your people back home.

Here, we are in a city where everyone has come here with a dream- a dream of achieving their goals, chasing their ambitions.

College is extremely overwhelming! I came here thinking I would make a small friend circle. But as I settled in, I ended up meeting so many people. That one smile across the hallway made so much of a difference during the day. You know how when you are having a bad day, a warm smile just brightens your day! Hence, I hope this letter is a breather! It acts as a reminder to you, my friend, that you are okay. You are where you are supposed to be at this point.

I hope this letter encourages you to go for that midnight movie, push yourself to take up that extra class that you love, give an audition for the play you have been wanting to work for, go to Marine Drive at night and dream while the breeze messes up your hair. Gift yourself these moments of relief because this is the time you will remember.

When I shifted here, I did not think I would get accustomed to this way of life easily. However, I made 3 special friends who made me feel like I had a home away from home. Now, it has been 2 months since we haven't spoken to each other. Things change, you move on… Of course, I miss them. I miss talking to them, sharing my day with them. But sometimes, things don’t workout in your favour. All you can do is smile through it. I still love all of them and nothing is going to change that! I made another group of new friends, but I still find myself feel the sting of separating from the old ones.

But, I guess, that’s what college is all about…

With the studying and responsibilities also come the connections and friendships. These 3 years are going to be extremely eventful! I bet it is going to be a roller coaster and I swear to God, I cannot wait! I want to experience it all and you should too!

Give these 3 years your all! They are not going to come back. Smile through everything and give it your best! Go clubbing on a Wednesday night and study your ass off for an exam on a Saturday night! Call the people you love and tell them you love them because life is too short to not do all that you desire.

Know that I love you and you are doing great!

Just another teenager,

Palak Dani


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