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The Letterbox Series: Dear Diljit

Dear Diljit,

Let me just say it-- I am in love with your music and the man that you are!

I started listening to Punjabi Pop when I was around ten years old. My first introduction to the genre was your song, "Proper Patola". When I first heard it, I enjoyed the subtle and chill groove of the song. Slowly and steadily, I started to develop a taste for listening to songs from languages other than Hindi.

But it was recently during the lockdown that I rediscovered your music in a whole new light! Your last three albums particularly blew me away.

I fell for you hook, line and sinker. I searched for more songs from you like an obsessed fan. I listen to every album and enjoy everything you make.

When the song "G.O.A.T" song dropped, that was it! I was hooked. It made me your absolute fan. Your songs transform me into a happy child, dancing without a care. I feel light-hearted and joyous. It is nothing short of a celebration! Unlike other Punjabi pop songs, you are honest, empathetic and fearless.

For me, your album "G.O.A.T" represents the confidence of an artist who has arrived and is here to stay! It exudes your conviction in your work, and the efforts you have put in to become the best of the best! As a fan, I find it awesome. You make it seem simple to make music that is romantic but still dance-worthy or talk about social issues and life at the same time.

I experience the music in your album, "Moon Child" as just you enjoying making and singing your music. You are feeling yourself! You are expressing yourself openly. You are sharing your love with such joy and humility. It is refreshing to hear a male artist be so vulnerable.

I found "Drive Thru- EP" was a huge shift from your usual musical style. It was not just hip-hop but also chill. To me, it leans more towards lounge music. Maybe, just as the name hints at, the listener could go on a drive while the album plays in the background. It is an experience.

Your songs have always been quirky. When you write, you have an appreciation for your partner, beyond the sexual objectification common in the genre. During the farmer's protest, you were one of the sane celebrities supporting your community loudly and proudly. I look up to this fearlessness that you have as an artist and as a citizen.

You have elevated the standards of music and culture internationally, putting India on the global map. You collaborate with different international artists that no one has done before. Working with distinct styles of artists ranging from the Canadian rapper Tory Lanez‎ in the song "Chauffeur" to the Tanzanian bongo Flava recording artist Diamond Platnumz in the song "Jugni", you keep pushing the envelope for the genre.

I can listen to your songs anywhere. It could be while I am working out in the gym, relaxing in the shower, going out on long drives with friends, while I am working on projects for college, or just unwinding during my me-time... Your music matches my moods. Almost all the time, any day! I guess nothing conveys what I really want to say like your lyric-

Diljit, 'Vibe Teri Meri Mildi Aa'!

Your unwavering fan,



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