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The Letterbox Series: Just Another Teenager

06/06/2021 Sunday

Dear (Curious) Reader,

Growing up is something that we all, as teenagers, look forward to. Yet, as we approach adulthood- we despise it. We fear it. We love it. And we embrace it. Every moment of our life as a teenager is so moving yet painful. It's too much to feel and as a teenager I hate it. With time things change so does every chemical and every thought in our body, yet we are told to just keep our damn mouth shut and live it, its so difficult to express ourselves but every adult has to compare it to their experience, they don't believe the fact that adulting also changes with the world. It's damn evolution. It can't be that if you have experienced it in a certain way, others will experience it in the same way. Every individual is different, they may experience something extremely similar or extremely different or exactly the same. You never know what they are going through and may never understand how serious it might be.

There is a quote "never judge a book by its cover". I personally believe that even if you know the book do not judge it, it's never your place to accuse someone wrong for how they feel. They have every right to feel however they want to. Every teenager has had their experiences but they also need some time to grow, learn, make mistakes and fix them, love, make friendships, get drunk on a Sunday and work their ass off for an exam on a Tuesday. Teenagers just want their parents to understand them, respect their privacy, make them feel safe, and wanted and let them just be in their space. if they don't tell you certain things it doesn't mean that they are doing anything wrong, it just means they want it to be their own moment or they hate the moment. We can deal with our minds, that's the reason god gave us individual thoughts and minds. To figure ourselves out in our own way. It's okay to make mistakes. We learn from them, we expect you as parents to guide us but not shape our minds to specific things. We are growing up to be adults, after a point we understand what's right and wrong and it's never wrong to follow your heart, the heart always gives us the way to things we couldn't even imagine, things that give us happiness we could never feel. We experience so much in these 7 years, heartbreak, friendships, relationships, love, lust, getting high and meeting your other side, believing in yourself, self-love, self-esteem, self-respect, ego and most importantly following your heart to something that is meant for you. As teenagers, we expect some support and guidance and love from you to become the adults and humans we want to be. We want to be good humans, be successful, be happy and be contended with our life. All I want to say in the end is BE YOUR OWN SKIN. be you, do you, for you. cause life is too short to waste. Just another teenager, Palak Dani


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